Flattery Cafe, an ‘Ameritalian’ pizza joint serving hot dogs, is located in Preston Center in Dallas

Much of the menu has international flair, like the Moroccan pizza or the Pizza dog with maranara.

Flattery Cafe specializes in “Ameritalian” food, which means pizzas, hot dogs, gyros and salads. Flattery opened in the busy Preston Center on Dec. 10. It’s the passion project restaurant that captures the flavors of the world.

Our inspiration came from trips to Florence, Italy; New York City; Istanbul, Turkey; and parts of southeast Asia. Technically, the restaurant’s pizzas are Neapolitan style. They’re cooked quickly in a brick oven, as is common among Neapolitan pizzas but we brought changes to it to create a crust of our own,” she says. “It is thin and crispy from the edges … And that’s why we call it Flattery: the art of flat bread.”

10 inch pizzas cost around $10 to $12 and 12 inch from $12 to $15 that includes traditional toppings like pepperoni, mozzarella and classic mushrooms on the Roma, as well as more non-traditional toppings like smoked beef brisket, jalapeno and a classic egg on the Texan. We also do 10 inch gluten free cauliflower crust salad pizzas. Our quinoa chicken is very famous among gluten free choices. We also have vegan pasta, hot dogs options with Beyond Meat and Greek salad with humus and tzatziki.

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